Barbados, an island in the far Eastern Caribbean, is a rabies-free nation. Therefore animals can only be imported from England or other rabies-free countries. England happens to be the closest and most accessible-and the home of the Airedale.
I had to leave behind my beloved Airedales in the USA when I came here, but after a few years I longed for Airedales again.Much time passed before I found a woman who was perhaps the finest breeder in England for exports. She shipped good quality Airedales, which is unusual in the export-to-Third World-countries trade.
The original foundation pair came from Jean Campbell's Loudwell line in 1985; Nicol (Ch. Loudwell Right Hand Man) and Zara (Loudwell Purple Heather). However, Zara was killed when she was just over one month pregnant, so we had to start again. Hence the arrival of Winnie (Carac Copy Cat) from Marcie and Mike Gilbert through Jean.
The two together produced my 'A' (Rushview) litter of 11 pups, 8 of which survived a terrible Parvo epidemic. Other breeders on the island were not so lucky. Due to her many health problems, I kept the runt (Rushview All's Well Aubrieta) of the litter, nicknamed "Runty". You can see her growth in the photo montage.

From left, Loudwell Purple Heather (Zara) and CH. Loudwell Right Hand Man (Nicol) in 1985 at Heron Bay House, Barbados. Famous fashion photographer Bruce Weber used the two, but primarily Nicol for the new Ralph Lauren 'Polo' campaign. Though the dogs were supposed to pose for one hour, Bruce asked for them back day after day for a week. This was one of the episodes where Bruce asked the models to leave so he could shoot the dogs alone.
They had asked for two Boxers, Dobes and Shepherds as well. However, to OUR glee, none of those breeds proved suitable for the Lauren campaign. Bruce used the Airedales exclusively. He later said he wanted to "speak to Ralph about making the Airedale the 'Polo' mascot." Yes! Airedales!

Runty's sister, Mollie (Rushview Amarylis), mated an Irish import (Rosara Buccaneer), who produced our Cricket (Buccaneer Ali's Story). Cricket produced our 'B' litter, and from the four came Blaze (Rushview's Blaze).
Blaze some years later mated an English Jokyl import to produce 'Pico', our newest addition.
Now just over a year, he's a fine dog, with good character and pesonality. However, since he is monorchid, he cannot be bred. And unfortunately, the other two male imports mentioned earlier have both since died. So the breed on the island is in jeopardy.
Nicol, who was the primary stud dog on the island for many years, produced some 30 progeny, many of whom are still alive today. Nicol passed away in August, 1997, at a grand 12 years old. It was still too soon.

More recently, Cricket passed away far too soon at age 8. She died on December 27, 1999 of complications due to heart and other organ malfunctions, a new ailment recently named MODS (multiple organ dysfunction syndrome). If that were not enough, we lost Runty on January 20, 2000 from lymphoma, which had invaded her heart, liver and kidneys. She was 11.
We have now brought in new blood to revive the breed and are happy to announce the arrival of two Shadlian/England puppies, who arrived April 6. (Digital images coming soon). Breeders Jan Favell & Keith Raper accompanied eight month old Molly and 10 week old dog puppy, now named 'Brick' (for looking so much like a walking cement block). It was great to meet our breeders in person. Wonderful people, excellent Airedales.
And so, a new chapter in the Barbados Airedale Terrier book begins. . .

Ralph Lauren Shoot
Nicol in the Ralph Lauren Shoot
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